Beginning with his role supporting the launch of Fidelity’s Select Technology Fund, Alan Leifer recognized the opportunity to strengthen U.S.-Israeli relationships through the tech sectors of the two countries and to nurture the development of business leaders by supporting relationships across borders. 

 TAMID began as a little club of University of Michigan students interested in connecting with Israeli business innovators. Alan saw the opportunity for TAMID to grow American – Israeli engagement through the prism of entrepreneurship, setting aside geopolitical and religious issues to focus on the possibilities of new technology. The Leifer Family Fund got involved to nurture the TAMID vision and help them scale up from student-run clubs on a handful of U.S. campuses to 3500 students on 70 campuses across the U.S. and Canada.

In Alan’s vision, the majority of awardees of the 2030 Forbes 30 under 30 ‑ the annual list of the brashest entrepreneurs across the U.S. and Canada ‑ will have started their journey in a TAMID campus chapter. 

The pinnacle of the TAMID experience is a highly selective summer internship in Israel’s high-tech hubs of Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem, where the top 5% of TAMID students get to polish their start-up skills, burnish their resumes, and build their career networks while seeing the real Israel with their own eyes.

TAMID’s expansion is made possible through the collaboration of Jewish family foundations who help design, nurture, and accelerate the growth of TAMID’s operations.